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Reverse-Max Loan Options

Available Loan Options

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For those who are more comfortable with a fixed rate, the HECM offers a low fixed rate and the entire benefit amount is taken as cash-out by the homeowner at the close of escrow. The fixed-rate option is an excellent strategy when purchasing a home with the HECM.


This program is attractive to seniors nationwide because of interest rate caps that safely keep the rate low when the financial markets are trending upward. Pay off a mortgage, or create a growing line of credit that is always available.  Enjoy a tax-free monthly income for as long as seniors reside in the home. Enhances the senior’s Social Security and retirement income.


The Jumbo reverse is not a government-insured program such as the HECM.  It is a mortgage program created by lending institutions within the reverse mortgage industry that provides for loan amounts up to $3 million. The Jumbo Reverse offers many of the same benefits and is available with fixed and adjustable rates, all cash-out, and lines of credit.

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